The most beautiful love story in Croatia

Oct 17, 2018

Since ancient times it has been believed that storks bring happiness, fertility and prosperity to families. That is why people have allowed them to make their nests on house roofs.

Last spring the entire Balkans anxiously awaited one stork, Klepetan as well as his female stork, Malena. Due to a broken wing she is no longer able to fly to warmer countries for winter, so she has waited for her beloved for 15 years every spring. Last spring was the first time when Klepetan had been late returning from South Afrika. Everyone was worried that something terrible might had happenned to him during that journey. When he finally returned home not only the residents of his hometown Brodski Varos in Croatia were happy, but the entire Balkans where this wonderful story has been followed for many years.

So when yout land in Croatia turn your gaze skywards to see the young stroks slowly learning to fly and release your heart to fly with them.